Dr. Darren Bailey, CHIROPRACTOR

Chiropractor Dr. Darren Bailey

I began my journey into Chiropractic after shadowing in a clinic where I was able to meet, first hand, many patients who had incredible stories of transformation in all aspects of their health. I was exposed to the results patients were getting both young and old, and could not believe the impact that Chiropractic care was having on the function of their body, their energy, and their overall happiness! I was sold! I made the decision that I needed to dedicate my life toward helping people achieve wellness and happiness through this natural, safe,  and drug-free art of healing. 

I attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. With a mission and a purpose to become a wellness expert, I graduated in 2014, Summa Cum Laude, with a 4.0 GPA and was elected valedictorian of my graduating class. Along the way I invested in a great deal of supplemental education including advanced education in Clinical Neurology as well as training in Animal Chiropractic. I maintain an interest in continued education and training, and am always striving to improve my knowledge and technique so that I may better serve my patients and my community. I began my practice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and continually work to improve InBalance Chiropractic in order to bring better care and patient service to this great city. 



Chiropractor Dr. Kayla Lucas

Dr. Lucas discovered the benefits of Chiropractic care when she suffered a sports injury in high school. Regular visits to the Chiropractor sparked her interest in a long term dream.

Having experienced various health problems as a child and taking the medical route first, Dr. Lucas discovered that conventional medicine offered her little results. Chiropractic became an intricate part of her life when she realized that treating the nervous system first, instead of the symptoms was of greater value than any other drug. She has devoted her life to helping patients achieve their own health goals in a natural and holistic way. Dr. Lucas began her Chiropractic education journey at the University of Saskatchewan where she earned a Bachelor of Science in human biology, and later attended Northwestern Health Sciences University where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She graduated in 2015 and joined InBalance Chiropractic to begin her career. “The value system of InBalance Chiropractic resonated with my value system and I knew it would be a great place to embrace my future.” Dr. Lucas has also received extended education that focuses on Chiropractic care for pregnant mothers and babies. Her love for children and family is infectious in the office and she always strives to go above and beyond for her patients.

Outside of the office Dr. Lucas enjoys spending time with her family, reading, working out, fishing and being involved with her community. Her goal is to educate and inspire patients so that they will feel empowered and take charge of their own health journey.

Dr. Michael Barber, CHIROPRACTOR


Dr. Barber has been practicing in Saskatoon since 2009. He is proficient in both instrument and manual adjusting techniques. Dr. Barber’s practice has a primary focus on corrective chiropractic care, utilizing various diagnostic tests, including x-ray, to determine the root cause of his patient’s concerns. He has provided care for patients of all ages with a range of acute and chronic conditions.